Pharmaceutical Drugs/Research

We specialize in advanced extraction processes to isolate specific pharma grade compounds at a greater than 98% purity level. With proven effects in several disease states, these compounds hold great potential for powerful drug therapies.
The Actives Factory lab and manufacturing resources enable us to supply any commercial quantities necessary. From grams for research—to thousands of kilograms for consumer production.

Our goal is to support our client’s development processes leading to the creation of new therapeutics. Utilizing our partnerships with leading research institutions and API manufacturers, we can help our clients reduce risk by shortening development times and customizing formulations. Upon successful testing, The Actives Factory can scale up processing to supply these specialty chemicals.

From proof-of-concept to commercial scale manufacturing, we offer industry leading expertise and processes to help clients achieve commercial success.

Contact us to learn more about our development support programs including our product sample program for qualified institutions.


We carry a 98% purity Betulin that can be used for further research or modified into specialized derivatives. This Betulin also contains 1% Lupeol and no active amount of Betulinic Acid.

Betulinic Acid
We can provide Betulinic Acid (BA) at various purity levels from 95%-99%. Because our patented process is designed to produce high purity, commercial scale quantities, we do not manufacture Betulinic Acid a levels less than 95%.

> 95% Lupeol
We can provide Lupeol at purity levels of 95-98%. This is derived from our Betulin through chemical processes so it’s for pharmaceutical applications only. We can only provide research quantities at this time, but are developing a process to scale up to producing quantities of greater than 10kg per week.

Specialized Derivitives
We have developed over 700 derivatives of Betulin, Lupeol, Betulinic Acid, and other compounds from birch bark. These compounds have been extensively tested for antibacterial and anti-fungal activity in a variety of applications. Geared towards pharmaceutical applications and over the counter drugs, these compounds have also been shown to be applicable in agricultural and industrial applications.

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