The technology behind The Actives Factory consists of core extraction and processing technology developed by the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute. This provides a unique, environmentally friendly processing for developing a diverse line of natural and pharmaceutical grade products. Our portfolio of 15+ patents include patents on use regarding HIV, Herpes, anti-fungal and antibacterial applications.

North America.  Our manufacturing facility is located in Two Harbors, MN just off of the north shore of Lake Superior.


> We obtain bark which is a waste product of the paper milling process.
> We do not use bark from live trees.
> All trees are from sustainably managed and harvested forests.

Quality and Traceability:

> Raw material can be traced all the way back to where and when it was harvested.
> We Control of all aspects of the supply chain.
> Quality control practices ensure the purity and consistency.
> Extraction processing is done under Good Manufacturing Practices.
> We use ethanol and CO2 extraction—not harsh solvents.

Intellectual Property
> 15 patents on the processing, extracting, and use of materials and compounds from birch bark
> Commercial scale production of Betulin from 10 kg > 1,000 kg per week
> Intellectual property on the use of birch compounds in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral applications

Production Capabilities:

> From 1-to-1000 kilos, we have the manufacturing resources to responsibly deliver to your needs

Research Capabilities:

> Partnerships with the University of Minnesota, research organizations, API manufacturers, and clinical development groups
> Can provide development assistance for specialized compounds and formulations
> Extensive research and patent portfolio can be licensed to qualified companies
> Collaboration to develop unique products and API’s


> Hundreds of research papers and clinical studies about compounds found in birch bark
> Search Betulin, Lupeol, or Betulinic Acid on PubMed to access these studies

Compound Library:

> We have a library of over 700 synthetic derivatives of Betulin, Betulinic Acid, Lupeol, and other active ingredients from birch bark
> Our compounds have been screened against target bacteria, viruses, fungi and diseases to search for viable drug candidates
> Contact us to find out how this can benefit your company


> Our raw materials are certified as sustainably managed through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).
> All commercial extracts and compounds are manufactured under appropriate regulatory practices.
> Members of the American Botanical Council
> Committed to the integrity, safety, and accountability of the ingredients industry